Jobsort Changelog

Quicksort for jobs in tech · 200+ startups

Product Updates

  1. May 2021. Working on adding support for filtering remote-only jobs.
  2. April 2021. Added traffic charts to help determine if a company is a high-growth startup before applying.
  3. March 2021. Added support for filtering by programming language and tech stack.
  4. February 2021. Integrated user authentication via Auth0.
  5. January 2021. Started a blog that is generated out of R Markdown notebooks. Added another 100+ startups.
  6. December 2020. Improved performance and added support for search-as-you-type. Updated bot to index jobs from 100+ startups and enterprises.
  7. November 2020. Built bot to index jobs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Nintendo, and Tesla.
  8. October 2020. Built geo-distributed and redundant backend; deployed to 15+ different locations.
  9. September 2020. Built initial static website running out of Cloudflare.