I find it really valuable to be able to search/filter job listings by the tech stack used, and I see you have that feature in your website, which is awesome!

Abhijeet B. (July 26, 2021)

The website is amazing, im scrolling it rn and woah i love it.

Angelica G. (July 9, 2021)

Checked your site and your growth section looks super cool!

Kirill P. (July 9, 2021)

Job sites look so overwhelming at times, so thank you for coming up with a website like this, it's very much needed.

Brittany B. (July 7, 2021)

The tool is great!

Thiago L. (June 25, 2021)

I love how easy it is to filter by technologies!

Heshie B. (June 24, 2021)

Jobsort is very clean, intuitive and user friendly.

Naomi L. (June 15, 2021)

I was using AngelList to check startups. But, Jobsort helps a lot and is fantastic with growth graphs...

John D. (June 14, 2021)

It's a pretty cool project.

Andy S. (June 12, 2021)

Nice, I checked out the stack/tech filter, and it's pretty good at bringing up relevant info! I'll recommend it to some friends who are looking for work. And will probably use it for any job scoping I do in the future.

Carlos A. (June 2, 2021)

I really appreciate the simplicity & streamline of the design; people tend to underestimate just how convenient it is to just have a simple search bar & a few recommendations for a starting point. I especially enjoy that you have a company like Nintendo listed for job opportunities, as well as a few startups that are starting to take off.

Zakk H. (May 20, 2021)

Went through your Jobsort.com web page and the work you've done was simply outstanding.

Krishna P. (May 13, 2021)

Finally, a job search site that really works and made from a job searcher perspective rather than that of the employer.

Muhammad A. (May 13, 2021)

I find your tool very helpful and efficient, finding lots of results in under a second.

Gary P. (April 28, 2021)

I like how you have a dark theme for the site, something that developers can really associate with.

Andrew C. (April 7, 2021)

I really wish more of the Internet was like your site. I really like how minimal it is and how responsive it is.

Tyler W. (March 28, 2021)