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Jobsort is for software developers, testers, and designers who are dissatisfied with the process of finding a job. Our product is a job board that connects passive candidates with startups and enterprises. Unlike other job sites, we give back 100% of profits to non-profit organizations that teach kids how to code.

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  1. December 2020.  Built reverse index to support search-as-you-type. Updated bot to index jobs from 100+ startups and enterprises, as listed at companies.txt.
  2. November 2020.  Built bot to index jobs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Nintendo, and Tesla.
  3. October 2020.  Added auto-complete to the search and location boxes by generating bigrams, trigrams, and quadgrams on our corpus; then, these n-grams are filtered out via some part-of-speech tagging rules.
  4. September 2020.  Initial commit and static website setup.